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  • Extra Long Life
  • Magnetic Tips
  • Suitable for all Phillips head screws gauge 6 and upwards
  • Suitable for POP/Gypsum screws
  • Extra Long Life
  • Magnetic Tips
  • Suitable for all Phillips head screws gauge 6 and upwards
  • Suitable for POP/Gypsum screws

The lightweight 18 Volt Compact battery with 2.0 Ah and COOLPACK technology

  • COOLPACK technology for up to 100% longer lifetime compared to battery without COOLPACK
  • Lightweight for even more comfortable work, especially in overhead applications
  • Professional 18V System: 100% compatible with all Bosch Blue Li-ion tools and chargers within same voltage class

Bosch is a leading manufacturer of accessories for power tools and is the top supplier of jigsaw blades, hammer drill bits, chisels and circular saw blades. Bosch is also a leading manufacturer of sabre saw blades, holesaws, accessories for multi-cutters, coated abrasives, abrasive fleeces, sponges and screwdriver bits. Everything from a single source - a complete range in outstanding product quality.


Best for Concrete Diamond Cutting Discs

Best for Concrete Diamond Cutting Disc provides fast cuts in concrete

  • Laser-welded diamond cutting segments (15-mm height) are robust for rapid cuts
  • Speed stripes integrated in the diamond segment minimise side friction, enabling high-speed work
  • Optimised diamond matrix provides the fastest cuts in all sorts of concrete

Best for Universal Diamond Cutting Disc provides fast cuts in universal building materials

  • Special Speedteq segment design and 3Dteq diamond arrangement ensures highly rapid cutting
  • Optimised diamond matrix provides fastest cuts in all sorts of building materials
  • Laser-welded diamond cutting segments (15-mm height) are robust for high-speed work
  • Expert for Inox Cutting Discs

    The Expert for Inox Cutting Disc delivers powerful cutting performance with maximum safety

  • A premium super-hard aluminium oxide disc with functional fillers and additives to reduce heat while cutting
  • Free of ferrous, sulphurous and chlorinated fillers
  • A precision-manufactured fibreglass net ensures high stability and security when cutting

Expert for Metal Grinding Discs

Expert for Metal Grinding Disc for an impressive long lifetime and maximum safety on metal

  • Aluminium oxide abrasive grain, functional fillers, additives with phenol resin bond matrix are suited for metal applications
  • Precision-manufactured fibreglass fabric for especially high disc stability and maximum work safety

Expert for Wood Circular Saw Blade offers a long lifetime with high cutting performance in wood

  • Extra-hard Microteq teeth are manufactured in-house by Bosch from extremely strong carbide grains for high durability
  • Proteqtion coating prevents corrosion and reduces friction
  • Anti-vibration slots for particularly smooth cutting, considerably less noise and significantly reduced vibration
  • Only with original carbon brushes your power tool offers 100% Bosch quality.
  • Up to 80% longer carbon lifetime
  • Protecting other device components from damage
  • Guaranteeing reliable machine operation
  • Longer interval between carbon brushes
  • Longer overall life of the device

Simple clip-on dust collection cover for dust-free drilling

  • Highly efficient when drilling vertically or horizontally
  • Easy handling for connection to the Bosch rotary hammer depth stop
  • Compatible with 2-4 kg and 18 V or 36 V Bosch SDS plus rotary hammers
  • For 1/2x 20 UNF chucks with direct bit reception
  • Shank, shape: large spline
  • For drill bit shank: 1/2"-20 UNF
  • Shank: SDS-plus

T 101 AO Clean for Wood Jigsaw Blade delivers clean curved cuts in wood

  • Precision-ground teeth with a taper-ground body and narrow blade width enable curved cuts with spotless results
  • Pointed tooth design reduces tear-out
  • High carbon steel blade material is appropriate for cutting softwood and non-abrasive woodworking materials
  • Professional quality, hardened and tempered circular saw blade.
  • Suitable for wood cutting use
  • Do not operate without saw blade guard
  • Unplug saw before mounting blade
  • Carbide teeth for long life and fast cutting
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