Choosing Basins

Our Collection includes:-

Wall-hung basins
These are attached to the wall and normally coupled with a pedestal. They make good space savers for small bathrooms.

Semi-recessed basins
Add that extra touch of elegance to your bathroom with these (semi-recessed) basins to enhance the perspective of the entire room matched with furniture. They also help to save space for a bathroom.

Undercounter basins
These basins are normally mounted underneath a bathroom furniture top giving it an elegant and seamless look.

Overcounter basins
Overcounter basins have the top of the rims over the bathroom furniture top giving it an integrated look.

Countertop basins
These basins sit on top of your bathroom furniture showcasing the beautiful design and shapes of the particular piece.



Types of punched taphole

Pre-punched taphole  

A taphole which is already punched and made ready for tap installation.

Semi-punched taphole   

This option allows for the flexibility to install the tap at any location (left/centre/right)