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Expert for Wood Circular Saw Blade offers a long lifetime with high cutting performance in wood

  • Extra-hard Microteq teeth are manufactured in-house by Bosch from extremely strong carbide grains for high durability
  • Proteqtion coating prevents corrosion and reduces friction
  • Anti-vibration slots for particularly smooth cutting, considerably less noise and significantly reduced vibration

Microteq teeth (in-house produced) from high-density carbide combined with robust tooth shape ideal for universal use It is compatible with plunge, hand held, multi-cutter, mitre, sliding mitre and table saws as well as horizontal/vertical panel-sizing saws.

Depending on the number of teeth, different results can be achieved with all Expert for Wood Circular Saw Blades, which feature an ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) tooth geometry: when equipped with a high tooth count, the blade delivers clean cuts, whereas a low number of teeth guarantees solid and efficient cuts.


Bosch Power Tools Accessories - Bosch Mild Steel Cutting Disc 4 inch

· Cutting disc for mild steel

  • The GAL 1210 CV battery charger from Bosch is a powerful charging device.
  • This system accessory is suitable for all DIY and garden tools in the 10.8 V/12 V Power for ALL System.
  • This charger also takes up hardly any storage space when not in use due to its light weight and compact size, fitting comfortably into any toolbox.
  • Lightweight for even more comfortable work, especially in overhead applications
  • Bosch Professional 12V System – battery fits all tools within a voltage class
  • Extremely robust: Fully functional even after a 3 metre drop onto concrete

Expert for Metal Grinding Discs

Expert for Metal Grinding Disc for an impressive long lifetime and maximum safety on metal

  • Aluminium oxide abrasive grain, functional fillers, additives with phenol resin bond matrix are suited for metal applications
  • Precision-manufactured fibreglass fabric for especially high disc stability and maximum work safety
  • For 1/2x 20 UNF chucks with direct bit reception
  • Shank, shape: large spline
  • For drill bit shank: 1/2"-20 UNF
  • Shank: SDS-plus

T 101 AO Clean for Wood Jigsaw Blade delivers clean curved cuts in wood

  • Precision-ground teeth with a taper-ground body and narrow blade width enable curved cuts with spotless results
  • Pointed tooth design reduces tear-out
  • High carbon steel blade material is appropriate for cutting softwood and non-abrasive woodworking materials
  • Trouble free precision mechanism
  • Long lasting beauty and durability
  • Stainless Steel finishing
  • Trouble free precision mechanism
  • Long lasting beauty and durability
  • Stainless Steel finishing