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Nippon Paint 5L Tile Primer Primer | Two Component Water Thinned Epoxy Primer
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Brand Nippon Paint
Size (L x W x H) 300 mm x 300 mm x 350 mm
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  • Low odour, environmental friendly • Excellent adhesion on many type of substrate

NIPPON PAINT 5L Tile Primer Primer



Tile Primer is two component water thinned epoxy primer barrier coating designed as a universal primer coating for many types of substrate, such as glazed tiles, glazed brickwork and smooth concrete floor. It is also suitable for use as a barrier / tie coat between ideal single pack coating and two pack solvent based top coats, such as Nippon EA-4 Finish or Nippon PU Recoatable Finish.


Paint Type Product Type Finishing Recommended Substrate Pack Szie
Water based Interior / Exterior Matt Glaze tiles / concrete / masonry 2.5 Litres, 5.0 Litres
Pegment White Pigment, Mineral Extender
Binder Epoxy and curing agent polymer
Thinner Water
Technical Data
Drying Time

Touch Dry : 1 hour (Dependent on temperature and humidity)

Hard Dry : 4 hours (Dependent on temperature and humidity)

Recoating Time Minimum 8 hours
Curing Time (25°C to 30°C)

7 days

Drying time will become remarkably delay under low temperature. Over coating the previous coat should be done within 6 ~ 7 days but preferably as soon as possible after it has been allowed 8 hours drying or else, it is desirable to roughen it by dry sanding with sandpaper before it is over coated. This is to ensure proper intercoat adhesion. Exposure of the paint film to water, chemical and abrasion should be avoided as far as possible before full cure of the coating. When chalking occur, chalks should be removed by water washing. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly prior to over coating.

Dry Film Thickness 35 - 40 µm per coat
No. of Coats 1 coat
Theoretical Coverage

13.1 m2 per litre per coat (for dry film thickness of 35um)

11.5 m2 per litre per coat (for dry film thickness of 40um)

Technical Data
Practical Coverage 10.5 m2 per litre per coat (for dry film thickness of 35um)
Volume Solid 46% by volume (ASTM D2697 1973)
Shelf Life 2 years in tight sealed container
Specific Gravity 1.50kg/L (mixture of base and hardener)
Pot-life (25°C-30°C) 1 hour after mixing
Mixing Ratio 4.40 parts by volume of Base to 0.60 parts by volume of Hardener. Stir the content of the Base component, continue stirring and gradually add the total contents of the Hardener component, continue stirring until a homogeneous mix is obtained
Recommendation Coating System
High Performance System recommended for wet areas such as bath room, wet kitchen and etc
Sealer / Primer

Tile Primer : 1 Coat

Top Coat Aqua Epoxy / PU Recoatable Finish / EA4 Finish : 2 Coats
Conventional System only recommends for dry vertical surface
Sealer / Primer Tile Primer : 1 Coat
Top Coat EasyWash / Odour-less AirCare / Momento Texture series / Weatherbond : 2 Coats
Important note: The curing time for top coat water-based products will take longer, especially for strong colours which might take minimum 30 days to achieve full cure. In such condition, the paint film before full cure will be slightly soft and easy to develop stretch marks. Thus, we are strongly NOT recommend using any cloth or hand / finger to remove dirt marks on uncured paint film
Application Methods
Brush / Roller Thinning is not required for brush and roll application for best result. Good quality brushes and mohair/ short nap rollers should be used with full strokes. Avoid re-brushing.
Spray Thin up 25-30% of water for conventional spray application. When airless spray is being used, excessive high tip spraying pressure should be avoided. The minimum pressure at the pump conducive with good atomisation should be used.
Surface Preparation

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from oil, grease and contaminants before painting. For previously painted surfaces, remove all unstable paint film, loose chalk, dust and foreign matter. Repair any surface defects, clean off and dry. Avoid painting on the substrate with high moisture content. Avoid painting when the environment relative humidity exceeds 85%, or when the surface to be painted is less than 3°C above the dew point. For concrete floor, the surfaces should first be degreased using an appropriate solvent or detergent solution. then mechanically abraded. All laitance must be removed by mechanical abrasion or light abrasive blasting. New concrete must have cured or a minimum of 28 days..

Safety, Health and Environment Information

Clean up equipment with water immediately after use.


* Theoretical Coverage is based on a mathematical formula

and does not consider LOSS FACTORS.
Variables like porosity of substrate, application method, dilution ratio, dry film thickness, opacity and so on will affect the
loss factor and can vary from 30% - 50% or even more.
The above information is given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory tests and practical experience.
However, since we cannot anticipate or control the many conditions under which our products may be used, we can only
guarantee the quality of the product itself.
We reserve the right to alter the given without prior notice.



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