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BIG+ Car Shampoo 1000ml Clean Shine Protect Car Paint Wax Quality Extra Cleaning Power Remover Dirt Grime Road Films 5.0
Price RM18.90 - RM34.90 RM50.00 - RM66.00
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Brand Big+
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
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BIG+ CAR WASH is uniquely formulated with extra cleaning power to remove dirt, grime, and road films easily.

It won’t strip wax on your paint surface and maintains gloss longer. It is guaranteed streak-free and spot-free. • Won’t strip wax formula.


• Easily remove dirt, grime, and road films.

• Maintains paint gloss longer. Directions:


1. Rinse surface with water.

2. Mix 2 capfuls (40ml) of BIG+ CAR WASH with ½ bucket (10L) of water.

3. Use soft sponge or wash mitt, wash one section at a time working your way from the top to the bottom

4. Rinse car thoroughly and towel dry with microfiber cloth or drying towel.


Caution: • Avoid contact with eye. • Keep out of reach of children.


Made in Malaysia

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