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  • Low cost solution for internal & external applications.
  • Stops heat, cold, draughts, dust and insects.
  • Prevents insects, odors, dust, air-con leakage & etc.
  • Simply cut seal to size.
  • 100% Brand New & in Good Condition.

Jebstick Wallpaper Adhesive Powder :

  •  Powder-type adhesive to be mixed with water.
  •  For various types of wallpaper with different dissolving ratio.
  •  May apply up to 54 square meters.
  •  Easy to use.
  •  Pack of 125gm.
  •  100% Brand New & in Good Condition.
  • Stainless Steel Basin Waste
  • Strong chain and a durable black rubber plug
  • Allows water to pass through while capturing bits of food and waste.
  • Suitable for most of the sink
  • Diameter : Perfect for kitchen sink
  • Available Size for Cover: 4'' & 6''
  • Available Size for Flexible Duct Hose:4'' x 3m, 4'' x 5m, 6'' x 3m, 6'' x 5m

Bosch is a leading manufacturer of accessories for power tools and is the top supplier of jigsaw blades, hammer drill bits, chisels and circular saw blades. Bosch is also a leading manufacturer of sabre saw blades, holesaws, accessories for multi-cutters, coated abrasives, abrasive fleeces, sponges and screwdriver bits. Everything from a single source - a complete range in outstanding product quality.

  • Complete and great paint brush roller kit for household, just renew a "clothes" for your house right away
  • Set includes roller brush for painting, roller for finishing, tool for corners, collection tray, paint pourer (paint not included)
  • Just pour the paint to refresh any wall or surface in minutes, saving your time and money、
  • Professional paint roller brush can turn the whole house and increasing the value more quickly than you think, and not dirty like traditional brushes
  • Can also be used to cover the scratches and stains in just a few seconds

Product Features :

- SIX (6) Months Warranty

- Invented By Korean Technology

- Lightweight Design; Easy To Carry Around

- Suitable For Household & Commercial Use

- Stainless Steel Tank

  • BFE 99% PFE 98%
  • Containing copper oxide materials
  • Comfortable breathe freely
  • Authoritative attestation
  • Antibacterial sterilization
  • 5 layers protection
  • Reusable up to 60 times
  • BFE & PFE Filter Efficiency >=99%
  • Convenient Individual Packing = 1pc per pkt
  • Made with UL listed 6.6 Nylon
  • Locks tightly, won’t stretch or slide
  • Major uses to tie cables, tubing, bags and etc.. permanently

Intuitive radar scanner for almost all materials

  • Spot measurement provides accurate detection on narrow surfaces
  • Centre finder offers visual guidance, to clearly identify the precise location of the object's centre
  • Dual Power Source allows for use with a 12 V Li-ion battery or with standard alkaline batteries