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Nippon Paint 1L EA4 Epoxy Paint come with Hardener
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Size (L x W x H) 140 mm x 140 mm x 180 mm
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  • For use on steel and cement surfaces where chemical, oil and abrasion resistance coating is required.
  • Good resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage
  • Excellent adhesion on correctly prepared, cleaned and dry surface
  • Dry service temperature range up to 100’C

NIPPON PAINT EA4 Epoxy Paint come with Hardener

NIPPON EA4 FINISH is a two-pack amine-adduct cured epoxy finish for use on steel and cement surfaces where chemical, oil and abrasion resistant coating is required. It is recommended for nonimmersion services. If it is to be applied over steel, it has to be used in combination with the appropriate primers as recommended below. If it is to be applied over concrete the surface should be acid-treated prior to application. NIPPON EA4 FINISH is also available in non-skid quality.



Physical Characteristics of Paint
ColourAs per colour card
TextureHigh Gloss
Specific Gravity1.00 - 1.30, dependigng on colours
Solid Content51 ± 3% by volume (ASTM D2697 1973)
AbrasionGood resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage
AdhesionExcellent on correctly prepared and primed surfaces
TemperatureDry service temperature range up to 100°C
Recommendation for Use
Steel Surface Preparation

When used as a top coat within a NIPPON protective system, the steel surface would have been prepared in accordance with the recommendations provided within the product data sheet of the primer being used. This will normally be abrasive blast cleaning to minimum Sa 2½ ISO 8501-1:1988 or other equivalent international standard. The primed surface must be dry and free from any abrasive residues, dirt, oil and grease and other contaminants prior to painting.

Concrete Surface PreparationThe surface must be treated with about 5% sulphuric acid solution until effervescence has stopped. It should then be washed thoroughly with clean water and allowed to dry completely before coating with Nippon EA4 Finish.
Recommended No. of Coats 1-3 coats
Recommended Film Thickness per Coat

50 ~ 80 microns for dry film 

100 ~ 160 microns for wet film

Theoretical Coverage at Receommended Film Thickness

10.2 m²/litre (for dry film thickness of 50 microns)

6.4 m²/litre (for dry film thickness of 80 microns)

Theoretical Coverage = Volume Solids (%) X 10

             (m2 /litre)           Dry Film Thickness (µ)

Practical Coverage (20% Loss Factor)

8.2 m²/litre (for dry film thickness of 50 microns)

5.1m²/litre (for dry film thickness of 80 microns)

Application Methods
Brush / RollerRecommended for small areas and touch-up only. Good quality brushes and mohair/ short nap rollers should be used with full strokes. Avoid rebrushing. Thin up to 10% by volume of SA-65 Thinner for proper flow-out. Additional coats may be required to achieve minimum specified film thickness.
SprayWhen airless spray is being used, excessive high tip spraying pressure should be avoided. The minimum pressure at the pump conducive with good atomisation should be used.
Guiding Data for Airless Spray
ThinningIf necessary, add up to 5% thinner by volume for application by brush, roller and airless spray; about 10%-15% by volume for application by compressed air spray.
Mixing Ratio4 parts by volume of Nippon EA4 Finish (Base) to 1 part by volume of Nippon EA4 Finish (Hardener). Stir the content of the base component, continue stirring and gradually add the total contents of the hardener component, continue stirring until a homogeneous mix is obtained.
Pot Life at 25°C to 30°C6 - 8 hours after mixing
ThinnerSA-65 Thinner
Cleaning SolventSA-65 Thinner
Environmental Conditions During Application
  1. Do not apply when the relative humidity exceeds 85% or when the surface to be coated is less than 3°C above the dew point.
  2. Do not apply at temperature below 7°C. If not, drying and overcoating times will be considerably extended.
  3. During application of the paint, naked flame, welding operations and smoking should not be allowed and adequate ventilation should be provided.
Safety, Health and Environment Information
  1. In the wet state, this product is highly inflammable. Protect from extremes of temperature & store in a cool place. In case of fire, blanket flames with foam, carbon dioxide or dry chemicals.
  2. Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking.
  3. Keep container tightly closed and keep out of reach from children.
  4. Do not breathe vapour/spray. Applying paint to large surface areas under closed environment should use air supplied breathing equipment. For small areas or short periods, a suitable cartridge mask should be worn. Inhalation : Remove to fresh air, loosen collar and keep patient rested. Ingestion : In case of accidental ingestion. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Seek immediate medical attention.
  5. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable protective coating such as overalls, goggles, dust masks and gloves. Use a barrier cream. Eyes : In the event of accidental splashes, flush eyes with water immediately and obtain medical advice. Skin : Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water or approved industrial cleaner. DO NOT USE solvent or thinners.
  6. Care must be taken when transporting paint. Keep container in a secure upright position.
  7. Do not empty into drains or watercourses. Dispose of any paint waste in accordance with the appropriate Environmental Quality Regulations.

Note : A Chemical Safety Data Sheet (CSDS) is available upon request.




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