WC Buying Tips

Rough-In Size

Make sure the new toilet will fit your space. To do this, measure the rough-in size. This is the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the drainpipe or the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. It's best to perform this measurement before you remove the old toilet.

The distance between the floor drain and the wall called rough-in, is one factor to consider when selecting you WC. The standard distance is 10 inches or 12 inches and 8 inches are occasionally found in older home. You can determine the rough-in on an existing WC by measuring from the wall behind the WC to the middle of the bolts on the base.

Toilet Models: One Piece or Two?

Toilets are made in one or two-piece models. Most toilets are two-piece, meaning that the bowl is bolted to the tank. Two-piece toilets are generally less expensive than one-piece. Both function comparably, though a one-piece toilet may be easier to clean.

  • Shop One-Piece Toilets
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WC Flush Action

  • Syphonic pan utilize a powerful suction to remove human waste. All symphonic WCs incorporate an “S” shape trap. The traps in these toilets are designed with slightly smaller diameters than a non-syphoning toilet, so that the water-way will naturally fill up the water, each time it is flushed, thus creating the syphon action
  • Washdown pans utilize the sheer force and volume of the flush water (push) to remove human waste

Toilet Flush Type

Toilet Bowls Shape

One more attribute to take into consideration when buying a toilet is the shape of the bowl. Toilet bowls are provided in round and lengthened. Before choosing you need to examine the space that the commode is going in and determine the area.

The next decision you may need to consider is how much available space you have in your bathroom, if you have a large bathroom where space isn’t much an issue, a toilet with elongated bowl will work great. if you have a smaller bathroom, such as a half bath choose a round bowl WC that will fit into tight spaces.